Destinations can only succeed in attracting visitors if they have a choice of ways to get there, places to stay, and things to do. Successful destinations meet five essential requirements. Destinations that do not meet these essential requirements must develop them, often with financial help from the local government or private companies. Destinations that attract visitors create sales and revenue opportunities for the country and also stand as a means of foreign exchanges for the country.
There must be a good mix and balance between the basic 5 A’s that are essential to a successful destination. These are
Accommodation, Accessibility, Activities, Amenities, and Attractions. 
People like to do different things when they travel. They come from different cultures, have different likes and dislikes, and of course have different budgets. Some like active holidays; others just want to sit on a hotel balcony enjoying a good view or reading a book. Some may want to visit famous sites. Yet others want to shop and for Nigeria travellers some travel for medical reason’s at times. 
A destination has to cater in some shape or form a close knitted bond to meet these needs. Here are some of the major aspects of each of these essential 5 A’s:
The places people stay. Traditionally a hotel or inn, lodging types now also include cruise ship cabins, camper-vans, accredited bed & breakfast private homes, hostels, and others. Recent trends include the emergence of focused lifestyle brand hotels: Hotel chains that once offered a single name and similar-type buildings at each location now offer a range of brands, building types and services to suit their clients’varied lifestyles. Chains of small city-centre boutique hotels, or beach resorts with family-oriented facilities constructed in the original design, are both examples of this trend.
No destination can function well unless there is a means of getting there, such as an airline, bus service, railway line or port. Lack of adequate accessibility is frequently cited as one of the major obstacles to tourism development and investment in a destination.
Having reached the destination, what do you then do? Enjoy a game of golf? Go scuba-diving? Take a jungle trek? A river cruise? Take a guess and look at the activities this destination has to offer you will be amazed when you discovered activities that are unknown to you that will spur you to creativity.
Destinations are working harder than ever to widen their range of activities in order to get people to stay longer and spend more time and money in their localities.
Local cuisine is often one of the top attractions of a destination. Restaurants, designer bars and shopping plazas always attract their fair share of visitors. Having an active nightlife may add to the appeal. In choosing amenities we encourage you to be a tourist savour, take your time and enjoy it as it unravel.
What is there to see? Some like to go to the local museums or art galleries. Others prefer the thrill of an amusement park, appealing for families with children, one of the fastest growing holiday segments,and other will just go to religious site for their spiritual awareness. Attraction is unique as it is a destination away from your locality you can be thrilled and awe-inspired by what is normal to the locals.

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