Rise up and Leave: why you should travel today (Part 2)

People travel for different reasons, while its personal for some people, some use it to take up new challeges. Traveling to another country does not mean that you are traveling for fun, excitement and business, research has shown that it is good for your mental, physical and emotional health. In Easy Nter Global Ltd, we’ve compile some of the reasons why you should rise up and leave for that country or city. In the earlier part, we’ve talked about some of the reasons as; Education, Expanding your view or perspective, Learn more about yourself, Appreciating what you have, Building and nourishing relationships and some.

Challenging yourself

It might seems you are stuck in a place, you are looking for something exciting and different. Or may be you are craving for new experiences and new challenges. Travel is the ideal place to test yourself because it always pushes people to their limits and gets them outside their comfort zone. You will definetly discover how resourceful you are when you are exposed to new places, people and experiences. Such as finding your way around a busy city through map or tour guide, or ordering a meal where you don’t speak their language. Overcoming some of these challenges will bring you joy and energy for future tests. You will now realize how capable you are in achieving something and it will build your confidence. You will be very proud of your achievement after successful completion of the trip.

Having an adventure

Visiting new places is exhilarating – and one more reason why people love to travel. Humans seek new experiences and travel lets us tap into that craving. A trip to new city or country is the perfect time to do something different and exciting, especially something you can not do back home. The thrill starts as soon as you land in that place. Conquering that territory could be trying Chicken Masala or Briyani in the street of India or it could be a physical experience, like scuba diving in Dubai or hiking around Oeschinensee lake in Switzerland. You will have lots of fun and revel in the rush you get from your exploits. You will also feel a sense of accomplishment and return home with the best memory of your incredible adventure.

Relaxing and revitalize

You might not be looking for a way to escape your problems. But we can all benefit from a break from our usual daily work and no play. You may not realize how much you need to disconnect from the ever-present pressure of being available on phone, email
or social media.
A quite vacation is just what you need to renew yourself. Everyone’s idea of the perfect relaxing vacation is sometime different. One person might want to trek through a rainforest while another person may want to lie poolside at a Brazilian resort. Yet another might opt for a wellness retreat in the mountains across the world. All will help
you to relax and feel the sensations, like the lapping water and the warmth of the sun, along with the sound of waves. All in all travel helps your mind and body reboot in a way you can’t achieve at home. In fact, it improves mood and outlook on life.


Working day and night, an inevitable breakup or loss of a loved one require a break, travelling can be a great relief or escape route from the stress and unhappiness that come along with strenuous work, break up or loss loved one.
People seek from their travels what they do not have or can not do back home: such as better weather, cooler and nicer scenery, the freedom to do what they want, experiences they can’t normally have, a slower relaxing pace and so on. Travel is very helpful for
tireless workers who usually have trouble leaving their job behind. Stepping away from the workplace is good for them both mentally and physically. When they return to the job, they will have had the space to look at issues with fresh eyes. Travel also has the power to heal, a new place with lots of fun distractions can do wonders. You will return home more at peace with yourself and your challenging situations.

It is now obvious that travelling is not only for education and enjoyment but also a great
way to break away from stressful day-to-day activities. As travel expert, reasons to travel
is why we are in this business, because we want you to challenge yourself, have
adventure, relax and revitalize, renew yoursef and so on. Get in touch with us
today @ www.easynterglobal.com.ng

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