Why Royal Caribbean Cruises?

Fun for the Whole Family

Taking a cruise ensures that there will be something for the entire family to do at all times. Kids will love the crusie ship play zones featuring fun activities like mini-golf and water slides. Teens will have their own cool hangout areas where parents will know they are safe, and couples can enjoy a romantic dinner at sunset as they drift across the ocean. Cruise ships are perfect for an extended family get-together as each ship can hold thousands of passengers, so there is always room for everyone.

Multiple Destinations

Have you ever had difficulties planning your trip itinerary? Visiting multiple countries can be a very pricey option when travelling by land. Cruise ships features multiple itinerary destinations, so you can scope out more than one place. Southern Caribbean cruises can feature island hopping destinations such as Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Puerto Rico to name a few. Perhaps a Mediterranean cruise is more your speed with exotic destinations such as Greece, Spain, Italy and France.

Extreme Value

Cruise ships offer an amazing amount of value for a vacation, included in the price is accommodation, food, transportation between destinations while you sleep and on-ship entertainment for all hours of the day. Compared to how much you would spend when booking flights and accommodations separately, a cruise can be considered a budget activity. Depending on your vacation needs, further discounts can be had by staying in an interior cabin or enjoying a luxurious holiday in a suite.

Customizable Length of Vacation

No matter what length of stay you are looking for, a cruise ship has the perfect itinerary for you. Dates for cruising are very flexible, and there are always multiple ships from Royal Caribbean Cruise line leaving every day from different ports. If you want just a quick weekend vacation, a 7-day relaxing sail or even a month long adventure, there is a cruise itinerary that has you covered. Cruising is very flexible.

It’s Easy

Simply the best reason to take a cruise is because it’s easy. Cruising allows someone also to plan a fantastic itinerary for you without worrying about having to do all of the planning and leg work yourself. All you have to do is pack your suitcase once and show up: leave the hassle of moving around and repacking your suitcase to the very last day. The primary goal of your vacation should be to have fun and relax. The customer service on cruise ships is second-to-none, as they have a whole fleet of staff ready to anticipate and satisfy you every whim. Let someone else do the cooking while you lounge and enjoy a day by the pool. For more adventurous types, choose from multiple excursions and go have a day in anew location.

If you have considered taking a ROYAL CARIBBEAN cruise, this might be the perfect time!

 Focus on the Strengths

  • Cruise are affordable .Most costs are included in the final fare, stateroom, unlimited dinning, premier entertainment, access to leisure facilities etc.
  • Cruises afford peolpe to the opportunity visit diverse destinations in one trip at an affordable price through the different port stops
  • Cruise are the definition of luxury vacation. the impressive sizes of cruise ships and state of the art amenities make cruises the ultimate luxury vacation choice.
  • Cruise tickets cover stateroom, room services, food, access to show, gym and pool facilities (depended on the cruise line) and this makes it convenient and stress-free vacation option as the ticket encompasses the basic needs.
  • There is a high retention rate of clients that go on cruises.

Be Aware of the Challenges

  • Unease of visa acquisition to embark to destinations (North America, Europe, UK, Asia).
  • Extra cost like air fare to port of departure e.g North America, Europe Arabian Gulf
  • Security concerns such as fear of shipwreck, pirate attck aqua phobia and sea sickness can hurt demand
  • General perception that cruises are expensive with hidden charges and that it is for the people advanced in age can also affect demand and sales. Clients are sometimes concerned with the fact that they have to pay for commodities like Wi-Fi, gratuities, alcohol, soda, bottled water etc.


  • Cruising is dangerous
  • I will be stuck on a ship and  bored
  • Only for newlywed and nearly dead
  • Cruising is expensive
  • I’ll get sick on a cruise
  • You nedd to be able to swim
  • There is no internet so when you get lost and mammy-wotta carry yo, you wont even be able to send Whatsapp message.