In Easy Nter Global Ltd we have an obligation to conform to a certain standard of conduct for the protection of our clients against unreasonable risk or harm.

By Easy Nter Global Ltd

As a travel expert and representative of our customers, we are responsible for some duties when arranging travel plans such as making and confirming reservations (which include itinerary changes and delivery of tickets), checking the availability of travel services like flights or overbooked hotels, provides and inform about needed travel documentation, providing information on health and safety hazards, information on any restrictions on transportation tickets and advise on any travel insurance.
We took it upon ourselves to investigate travel plans about the country you intend to visit in order to know if there is certain condition that would affect your travel plans.
In respect to aforementioned duty, Easy Nter Global Ltd will warn or reveal any negative information about a certain country, town or area you intend to visit. For instance, if you want to travel to a country, town or area where there is crime, war or even sexual harassment. Your life is more important than the documentation we want to do for you, so part of our duty is to let you know what is happening in the country you intend to visit.
Moreover, Easy Nter Global Ltd will inform you about critical travel information such as limitations on tickets changes, the kind of travel document you need to travel, whether a particular country have certain requirements and also if there is availability of travel insurance. If you request for a reservation to be made, we will make the reservation and follow up to confirm the reservation.

“We knew our duties as a travel expert and always make sure our duties are well followed with regular updates. We will not involve in any fraudulent misrepresentations, violation of applicable country or state regulations and unnecessary mistake that can cause a problem for you in the country or state you are visiting.”

Easy Nter Global have a broad knowledge of the world, especially popular travel destinations, we can suggest locations that fit your travel wants and needs, we can suggest location for meeting and conferences for business traveler and suggest a must-do activities for leisure time. We will inform you about local laws, customs, climate, travel documentation and travel advisories that concern your destination. We are able to do these because our staffs are constantly increase and refresh their knowledge through attending trade shows, workshops and taking trips to familiarize themselves with different locales.
Also, one of the most important of our duties is booking accommodation, flights, cruises, trains, buses, tours and car rentals. We have access to direct inventory for many accommodations and travels arrangements which you might missed while searching online.

Due to unforseen circumstances we can help you to rebook or making alternative travel arrangements, in the event of bad weather or any natural or unnatural events that might cause delay.
Furthermore, Easy Nter Global will not only book your trip and give you information about where you are going, but we will plan every detail from the time you leave your crib until the time you come back. We take care of transfers, assist in upgrades and any special requests that you may have. Such as, low-fat meals/drinks on your flight or specific room or floor at a hotel. Although these can be done online, in most cases, the request may get lost in the translation. The direct relationship that we have with companies allows us to go above and beyond for our clients/customers.

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