Best and Unique Tourist Attractions in Lagos Nigeria

If you’ve been to Nigeria before but haven’t yet gone to Lagos, you’re missing out on a lot. Lagos, Nigeria, is the birthplace of amazing and lovely things that you may have never seen before. In addition, Lagos’ tourist attractions have made a significant contribution to Nigeria’s status as the world’s largest economy.


Due to the best places to visit, many people come to Nigeria and stay longer. The Red Door Gallery, the Lekki Conservation Center, the National Museum of Lagos, circle malls, the Upbeat Center, beaches, festivals, and several more associated events and activities. Additionally, you will delight in Lagos’ cultural and historical attractions and be provided with the best of all recreational locations.

Adventures and tourism are typically some of the common activities that many of us partake in after a period of hard work. This time, make Lagos your destination; it’s the best place to unwind with your loved ones while taking in the local culture and natural surroundings. Without further ado, have a look at the comprehensive list of the top tourist destinations in Lagos below.

Lekki Conservation Center

This location is fantastic and cool. In Lagos state, it was constructed on 78 hectares. You can immerse yourself in all the natural splendors on a fantastic journey once you’ve been to Lekki. Even the canopy trees, which are found on the longest canopy Walk Bridge in Africa, are climbable.

The length of this canopy wall is about 401 meters. It is the greatest engineering achievement bridge, and you will enjoy how it swings as you go across it. Additionally, you may locate a family park, the best picnic spot in the world, which offers picnicking, hiking trails, and sporting amenities.

National museum

The national museum was founded in 1957, before Nigeria got independence, and is located in Onikan, Lagos. In essence, Lagos's major tourism attractions include this national museum. The location has excellent and beautiful collections of traditional art, archaeology, and ethnography. Additionally, it features the top galleries devoted to Benin City brasses and other similar items. Additionally, this museum is home to a stunning automobile that was shot to pieces and belonged to the nation's former head of state, who was killed in an assassination in 1976. A tiny, respectable crafts village with inexpensive handicrafts and woodcarvings is also present at the museum. Additionally, if you enjoy history, you must visit this location for the most wonderful history ever.

Oniru Beach

In Lagos, Nigeria, there is a privately owned beach called Oniru Private Beach. It is a very tiny location that is ideal for those looking to unwind and take in the scenery. Additionally, it’s a perfect location for casual gatherings like picnics, pool parties, and birthday celebrations.

Other fantastic things which may be done at the Oniru private beach are: sightseeing, business meetings, dates, casual hang-outs, among others. The beach has been singled out for its spotless surroundings, crystal-clear water, and fine, white sand.

In Lagos, Nigeria, on Victoria Island, at No. 1, Ligali Ayorinde St., is where you can find the Oniru private beach.

Freedom park, Lagos

On Lagos Island, this park serves as both a recreation area and a cemetery. Her Majesty's former broad street prison was located in this park. It was intentionally built to preserve Nigerians' cultural traditions and history. The monument in this park reveals the colonial history of Lagos as well as Her Majesty's actual history. But in addition, the park houses national monuments, cultural centers, recreation areas, historic locations, and artistic creations.

The Nike center for Art and Culture

Oyenike Monica Okundaye, a legend, founded the Nike Art Gallery. A distinctive art gallery, a workshop, and an artist retreat are located here. When you go inside, you will see Nigerian artists, craftspeople, and sculptors perfecting their trade.

You will also adore the many floors, which are either the Nike herself or one of the largest collections of African art. Fortunately, there will be no entry fee, making it one of the enjoyable and memorable things to do in Lagos. In addition, you can buy some attractive items that you will appreciate.

Tarkwa Bay Beach

This beach is safe and close to Lagos Harbor. Water sports enthusiasts and swimmers frequently visit Tarkwa. Additionally, it serves as the primary residence for the local community. In contrast to other public beaches in Lagos, Tarkwa is quiet and uncrowded. Additionally, you will appreciate this stunning island away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos. Additionally, this is the spot to go when you're feeling lonely or preferable on a great day with family and friends.


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